Unilock Estate Retaining Wall with Upper and Lower Patios in Pewaukee, WI

A Unilock Estate retaining wall with Ledgestone caps to transform the upper and lower patios and provide structural support for the deck and raised beds. The patios are built with Unilock Richcliff pavers. Integrated steps with decorative pillars provide access to the lower patio and pool. Raised beds add color and seasonal interest. Wall lights, step lights, and a built-in gas fire pit create a warm and inviting atmosphere to enjoy into the evening.


Backyard Renovation Project in Brookfield, WI

This homeowner was looking to create a usable and more functional backyard that included more lawn, a stone fire pit, and some privacy. The large berm with overgrown trees, stone and plants was taking up the majority of the backyard creating an unusable space and a maintenance nightmare. Before anything could be created, the trees, stones, stumps and berm all had to be excavated and removed. After the removal was complete, the area was graded to create a flatter and much more usable lawn area. Then to give the space some privacy, a row of Arborvitaes was added along the back. To complete the space, an Outcropping stone wall was added with a custom built in stone fire pit. Landscape lights were then incorporated into and behind the wall to allow for enjoyment into the evening hours. The wall and fire pit are complete and ready to be enjoyed! A crushed granite patio area was created in front of the wall to complement the natural feel of the space. The homeowner now has a large functional backyard!


Front Entrance Renovation in Waukesha, WI

This repeat customer came to us looking to transform their front steps into a grand entrance. To achieve this goal, everything had to be removed and replaced. The existing entryway was uninviting, falling apart and in need of a renovation. Along both sides of the steps, the retaining walls were falling apart and declining in strength. By removing all of the old features, the entryway could be rebuilt to the customer’s specifications. It first began by installing a new retaining wall and extending it further down the driveway to reduce the slope and to make lawn maintenance safer. Next, wider steps were constructed to create a more open front entrance. The steps were capped off with Unilock Fullnose caps that have a smooth rounded edge.


Lannonstone Retaining Walls in Muskego, WI

In this project, a pair of Lannonstone walls were constantly falling over and needed to be completely redone. They were both taken apart and rebuilt properly. The front wall was pushing forward and pieces were beginning to fall off. The rear wall was coming apart as well. In order to rebuild the walls, all of the stone had to removed and laid out. Then each stone had to be cut or chiseled and then reinstalled. When working with natural stone materials, it is a very labor intensive project and is like putting together a large jigsaw puzzle. Each stone is installed with similar thickness stones so that they create clean lines. To achieve this look, additional stone materials were brought in to complete the project. Natural Outcropping stone steps were incorporated into the wall to create more functionality. Topsoil is then spread around the newly completed front wall. The same process was done on the rear wall. Both walls took less than two days and the walls are now built to stand the test of time!


Outcropping Stone Retaining Walls in Muskego, WI

The backyard of this property was completely sloped and unusable. In order to create a usable and functional space, a set of Lannon Outcropping Stone Retaining walls was installed. To create the flat space, the area had to be excavated, lowered and then the walls could be installed. Then, the base was created for each wall and then the walls could be installed. The walls were installed using natural Grey Lannon Outcropping Stone. The stones have natural faces, colors, sizes and textures that tie in with the adjacent natural area. Steps were integrated into the lower wall for access. The area between the walls is now flat and functional. Fresh topsoil and sod was added to complete the project. For a final touch, LED Landscape lights were then added throughout the property.


Outcropping Stone Retaining Wall in Milwaukee, WI

A sloped front yard can be very tricky and dangerous to maintain. By installing an outcropping stone retaining wall, it eliminated the slope and created a beautiful planting bed. The front yard was very steep making it difficult to cut the grass. Adding a retaining wall was the best option to create a functional front yard. The slope was excavated and large outcropping stones were set in place one at a time. Each stone is hand selected and put in place like a jigsaw puzzle. Behind the wall, a drainage system was added to reduce the hydrostatic pressure. The project was completed in two days and additional accent stones and plants were added to create a bed area above the wall.


Retaining Wall and Safe Backyard in Milwaukee, WI

In this project, the homeowner wanted a new retaining wall to create a more functional and safe backyard to enjoy with their family in Milwaukee. The home was built on a very steep slope so we installed the new retaining wall using Keystone standard wall units, Geogrid and a Drain Tile system for strength and longevity. Then we filled in the yard between the wall and house to help raise the grade and provide a far more usable outdoor living area. The entire project was completed in less than two weeks. Review the time lapse video below to see our team in action! Before we began the project, we determined the exact location and the height of the wall with the customer. Next, we engineered the wall to be able to handle the surcharge behind the wall and incorporated a few layers of geo-grid due to the wall height. This entire Milwaukee project took less than 2 weeks. The wall ended up being over 100 feet long and over 8′ high! The Keystone wall units are 18″ wide x 8″ tall x 21″ deep and weigh around 110 pounds each. The homeowner now has a safe and functional backyard. The lawn area was then seeded and covered in erosion control for the customer to water. In addition, decorative Mississippi stone was added along the wall and under the deck. After a few weeks, the grass has grown in and the space is complete. For added safety, the customer has added a fence along the top of the wall. To watch our team build this wall, check out our time lapse video.


Retaining Wall and Drainage Project in Milwaukee, WI

This home had a steep slope directing water right into the back of the house causing damage to the home and foundation. To correct the slope and to achieve a pitch away from the house, the backyard was excavated, a retaining wall was installed and the grade along the back of the house was corrected. The entire backyard was sloped directly towards the rear of the house. In addition, there was no usable lawn area in the backyard. Significant excavation took place in order to create a base for a new retaining wall and to create a pitch away from the house. Next, a retaining wall was installed to create functional space. Steps were added to allow access to the upper part of the yard and to driveway.


Tiered Retaining Walls Installation in Franklin, WI

This retaining wall had become and eye sore and had started to shift and settle. In addition, animals had started to dig in and around the walls making it even more of an issue. To solve the problem, the walls were removed and new walls and steps were added. This retaining wall was initially made of stone that was haphazardly put together without any thought to style, strength or longevity. All of the stone was removed and new buried downspout pipes were installed to divert more water out of the area. The locations of the walls were determined and the installation of the base of the walls began. Walls and steps have begun to take shape. A drain tile system is added behind each wall for added strength and longevity. The project is almost complete and the final caps and steps are being completed. As an additional touch, new plants and a brick walkway were added. In total, the project was completed in just 3 days.

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