This homeowner was looking to create a usable and more functional backyard that included more lawn, a stone fire pit, and some privacy.

The large berm with overgrown trees, stone and plants was taking up the majority of the backyard creating an unusable space and a maintenance nightmare.

Before anything could be created, the trees, stones, stumps and berm all had to be excavated and removed.

After the removal was complete, the area was graded to create a flatter and much more usable lawn area.

Then to give the space some privacy, a row of Arborvitaes was added along the back.

To complete the space, an Outcropping stone wall was added with a custom built in stone fire pit. Landscape lights were then incorporated into and behind the wall to allow for enjoyment into the evening hours.

The wall and fire pit are complete and ready to be enjoyed! A crushed granite patio area was created in front of the wall to complement the natural feel of the space.

The homeowner now has a large functional backyard!