Landscape Lighting

We are a landscape lighting installer serving homeowners throughout Milwaukee and Waukesha County.

We use a wide variety of LED fixtures to accent your landscaping features, illuminate a front walkway for safety and curb appeal, and add lighting to a patio for extended outdoor living.

A professional-grade string light system with Edison-style bulbs can also be used to create a festive atmosphere for entertaining into the evening with family and friends.

Elevated outdoor living. Let’s get creative together!

Landscape Lighting Features

Illuminating a Walkway with Path Lights and Step Lights

Path lights and step lights can help illuminate your front walkway for safely welcoming guests to your home and to add curb appeal to your front landscape. The professional grade fixtures come in a wide variety of styles including the most popular Weathered Iron finish.

Seat Wall Lights Around a Fire Pit or Patio

Seat wall lights around your fire pit and patio can add warm and subtle lighting when gathering with family and friends.

Lighting for Custom Outdoor Kitchens and Bars

Wall lights can be integrated into a custom outdoor kitchen and bar to create a festive atmosphere and help illuminate your built-in grill and granite countertop.

Up Lights to Accent Landscaping Features and Illuminate Your Home

Up lights can accent your landscaping features, illuminate your home to add curb appeal, and extend your view to enjoy the full scope of your yard into the evening.

String Light System for Entertaining Into the Evening

Add a professional string light system with warm and dimmable Edison-style bulbs to create a festive atmosphere for entertaining into the evening. Our systems include custom black steel support posts and multi-function remotes.