In this project, the homeowner wanted a new retaining wall to create a more functional and safe backyard to enjoy with their family in Milwaukee. The home was built on a very steep slope so we installed the new retaining wall using Keystone standard wall units, Geogrid and a Drain Tile system for strength and longevity. Then we filled in the yard between the wall and house to help raise the grade and provide a far more usable outdoor living area. The entire project was completed in less than two weeks. Review the time lapse video below to see our team in action!

Before we began the project, we determined the exact location and the height of the wall with the customer. Next, we engineered the wall to be able to handle the surcharge behind the wall and incorporated a few layers of geo-grid due to the wall height.

This entire Milwaukee project took less than 2 weeks. The wall ended up being over 100 feet long and over 8′ high! The Keystone wall units are 18″ wide x 8″ tall x 21″ deep and weigh around 110 pounds each.

The homeowner now has a safe and functional backyard. The lawn area was then seeded and covered in erosion control for the customer to water. In addition, decorative Mississippi stone was added along the wall and under the deck.

After a few weeks, the grass has grown in and the space is complete. For added safety, the customer has added a fence along the top of the wall. To watch our team build this wall, check out our time lapse video.