In this project, a pair of Lannonstone walls were constantly falling over and needed to be completely redone. They were both taken apart and rebuilt properly.

The front wall was pushing forward and pieces were beginning to fall off.

The rear wall was coming apart as well.

In order to rebuild the walls, all of the stone had to removed and laid out. Then each stone had to be cut or chiseled and then reinstalled. When working with natural stone materials, it is a very labor intensive project and is like putting together a large jigsaw puzzle.

Each stone is installed with similar thickness stones so that they create clean lines. To achieve this look, additional stone materials were brought in to complete the project.

Natural Outcropping stone steps were incorporated into the wall to create more functionality.

Topsoil is then spread around the newly completed front wall.

The same process was done on the rear wall. Both walls took less than two days and the walls are now built to stand the test of time!