Walkways and Sitting Area Installation in Muskego, WI

This courtyard project located in Muskego was originally an underutilized blank canvas that suffered from drainage problems. In addition, the area was full of overgrown plants and trees making it a high maintenance area. To make the space usable, all of the overgrown plants/trees had to be removed, then the drainage problem was corrected, hardscape was added and the area was finished with new plants. In heavy rains, the courtyard would flood and become a muddy mess. Also, the overgrown plants and plants needed constant maintenance. With all of the overgrown plants removed, the area is grading using a laser transit and grade stakes to ensure water drains out of the area properly. New low maintenance and colorful plants with seasonal interest are added throughout the area. Bed sizes and shapes are finalized out and the sitting area is mapped out in preparation for the pavers. Brick paver are installed to create a walkway leading from the building to the fountain. A new fountain was added to the courtyard after the pavers were completed. New sod was added around the courtyard and Mississippi stone mulch were added to the new planting beds to reduce maintenance. Low voltage LED landscape lights were added throughout the space for added evening enjoyment.


Tiered Patio and Fire Pit in Waukesha, WI

Creating a usable and inviting outdoor living space was this homeowner’s goal. Their current outdoor space was too small and surrounded by overgrown plants. In order to achieve the customer’s goal, we had to take everything out and start from scratch. Overgrown Arborvitaes surrounded the entire small deck making the space feel cramped and uninviting. The current deck was in disrepair and was too small to begin with. In the first hours of the project, all of the Arborvitaes, deck and Fieldstone were removed. The stumps were removed shortly. Plywood was used to access the area as not to damage the customer’s lawn. As the deck gets removed, the grade by the house is finally visible and is significantly low which is very common. Every house needs to have a pitch away from the foundation and in this case, we are installed a new patio that will properly pitched. As the patio begins to be installed, the free standing seat walls start to be built up at the same time. All components of the project are constantly checked with levels for accuracy. The new patio features seat walls, steps and matching built in fire pit. With our team and equipment, this project took a total of 3 days to complete. The homeowner can now sit back and enjoy their new patio.


Patio Space in Wauwatosa, WI

Main features of this project included a large brick patio with a basalt inlay, tiered retaining walls with integrated steps and built-in landscape lighting. As with most projects, it first began by removing all of the existing features and excavating the area. Brick pavers were installed for the patio that included a decorative inlay along the border. In addition, tiered retaining walls were added to accommodate for the change in grade and to create an elevated planting bed. The patio space was completed using a variety of Unilock products: Brussels Block Pavers, Copthorne Pavers, Olde Quarry Stone Wall Units and Ledgestone caps. Landscape lights and plants were installed along the patio edges as well.


Patio and Water Feature Installation in New Berlin, WI

Having a high maintenance backyard can prove very challenging. This homeowner had a concrete patio that was surrounded by overgrown planting beds and a water feature that has constant problems. Everything had to be removed and start from scratch. The new outdoor living area included a new Unilock Brussels Block Brick patio, seat walls, fire pit, new pond with waterfalls and landscape lighting. The concrete patio had many cracks and the surrounding planting beds had become unmanageable. All features were removed and the area was prepared for a new larger brick patio. The area for the new water feature has been dug out and prepared. Unilock Brussels Block brick pavers have been installed along with a matching fire pit and seat walls. LED Landscape lights were incorporated into the new walls and surrounding the pond. The new pond has two separate waterfalls and is surrounded by new plants.


Outdoor Living Area in Pewaukee, WI

This type of patio project is one we perform every day. The existing concrete patio is bland and too small. We transform this space into a large user friendly patio that can be enjoyed family and friends. When the house was originally built, a basic and small concrete slab was poured. It turns out is was way too small and it did not have any special qualities. Before the new patio can be installed, the old concrete patio is cut into sections and then removed. Grades are being checked throughout the process to calculate the excavation and pitch on the patio. The new brick patio base is being completed and the pavers are being installed. Landscape lighting wire is run within the walls and pillars in preparation for a LED lighting system. A fire pit begins to take shape for evening enjoyment and the pavers are almost complete. A decorative inlay was added along the border of the patio and lights were added to the walls and pillars. The new outdoor living area now has plenty of usable space for everyone to enjoy.


Modern Patio in Fox Point, WI

The goal of this patio project was create a modern outdoor entertaining space. To achieve this goal, large format pavers with a smooth finish were selected, seat walls added along the sides of the patio, a hot tub area was set up and a fire pit was added for evening enjoyment. The existing concrete patio was cracking, dated and not large enough to accommodate the goals of the project. It was cut up into pieces and completely removed. An entire new base was put in and Unilock Beacon Hill Smooth XL pavers were installed. The pavers weighed over 100 pounds each and were set in place using a specialty vacuum paver lifter. Downspout pipes were ran underneath the patio out to a lower rear lawn area. Window wells were created using matching block. The A/C unit was temporarily removed and reinstalled onto the patio after project completion. A concrete pad was set up for a hot tub that was installed shortly after project completion. The entire project took one week and completely transformed the backyard.


Modern Brick Patio in Wauwatosa, WI

This homeowner’s goal was to create a new enlarged patio space as their current space was too small and did not meet their needs. They selected a modern style paver to complement the colors and style of the home. There was only a small circular patio that was poorly positioned in the center of the backyard making the backyard and patio unusable. After removing the concrete patio, a new patio base was put in and Unilock Beacon Hill Smooth Granite Fusion pavers were installed. With the addition of a new patio door, a custom Ledgestone step was created. The new patio is significantly larger, more functional and has flowing curves throughout. The patio was then finished off with a Unilock Copthorne Basalt border.


Hollandstone Brick Patio in Greenfield, WI

This patio space was too small and the concrete was failing and cracking in multiple areas. The only approach was to remove the old concrete and install a new decorative brick patio on a proper base. Over the years, the concrete began to crack, become discolored and settle. The concrete patio was cut into manageable sections to help with the removal and to protect the house. The old patio base was removed and new compacted traffic bond base set at the correct pitch was added. In addition, new metal galvanized window wells were added. Unilock Hollandstone Brick pavers were installed in a double basket weave pattern with a running bond border. The completed patio is now built to last. This project took a total of 2 days to complete.


Fire Pit Creation in New Berlin, WI

We turned a former above ground pool into a functional fire pit space. This has become a very popular type of project and we install a variety of fire pits throughout the year. An above ground pool had been removed, leaving an open circular space. The top layer of material was removed and a new base was set for the fire pit area. Once the base was completed, new pavers and a matching fire pit was installed.


Elevated Patio With Steps in Mukwonago, WI

This customer’s wood deck and brick patio had begun to fall apart. The deck boards had suffered years of sun and weather damage and the patio was covered in weeds and grasses. In addition, the space was broken up into two parts making it unusable. We removed all of the existing features and created a beautiful and usable space. The patio and deck had not been maintained for years and had fallen into disrepair. The only way to create a new space was to start completely over. The deck and patio were removed and the base for the elevated patio and walls began to be installed. Traffic bond was added and then compacted in lifts to create an elevated patio space. As the patio base was being installed, the Unilock Olde Quarry Stone walls along the sides of the patio were constructed as well. The new outdoor living area is complete and ready to enjoy.

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