This type of patio project is one we perform every day. The existing concrete patio is bland and too small. We transform this space into a large user friendly patio that can be enjoyed family and friends.

When the house was originally built, a basic and small concrete slab was poured. It turns out is was way too small and it did not have any special qualities.

Before the new patio can be installed, the old concrete patio is cut into sections and then removed. Grades are being checked throughout the process to calculate the excavation and pitch on the patio.

The new brick patio base is being completed and the pavers are being installed. Landscape lighting wire is run within the walls and pillars in preparation for a LED lighting system.

A fire pit begins to take shape for evening enjoyment and the pavers are almost complete.

A decorative inlay was added along the border of the patio and lights were added to the walls and pillars.

The new outdoor living area now has plenty of usable space for everyone to enjoy.