This courtyard project located in Muskego was originally an underutilized blank canvas that suffered from drainage problems. In addition, the area was full of overgrown plants and trees making it a high maintenance area. To make the space usable, all of the overgrown plants/trees had to be removed, then the drainage problem was corrected, hardscape was added and the area was finished with new plants.

In heavy rains, the courtyard would flood and become a muddy mess. Also, the overgrown plants and plants needed constant maintenance.

With all of the overgrown plants removed, the area is grading using a laser transit and grade stakes to ensure water drains out of the area properly. New low maintenance and colorful plants with seasonal interest are added throughout the area.

Bed sizes and shapes are finalized out and the sitting area is mapped out in preparation for the pavers.

Brick paver are installed to create a walkway leading from the building to the fountain.

A new fountain was added to the courtyard after the pavers were completed.

New sod was added around the courtyard and Mississippi stone mulch were added to the new planting beds to reduce maintenance.

Low voltage LED landscape lights were added throughout the space for added evening enjoyment.