Creating a usable and inviting outdoor living space was this homeowner’s goal. Their current outdoor space was too small and surrounded by overgrown plants. In order to achieve the customer’s goal, we had to take everything out and start from scratch.

Overgrown Arborvitaes surrounded the entire small deck making the space feel cramped and uninviting.

The current deck was in disrepair and was too small to begin with.

In the first hours of the project, all of the Arborvitaes, deck and Fieldstone were removed. The stumps were removed shortly. Plywood was used to access the area as not to damage the customer’s lawn.

As the deck gets removed, the grade by the house is finally visible and is significantly low which is very common. Every house needs to have a pitch away from the foundation and in this case, we are installed a new patio that will properly pitched.

As the patio begins to be installed, the free standing seat walls start to be built up at the same time. All components of the project are constantly checked with levels for accuracy.

The new patio features seat walls, steps and matching built in fire pit.

With our team and equipment, this project took a total of 3 days to complete. The homeowner can now sit back and enjoy their new patio.