Landscape Renovation in New Berlin, WI

Renovated bed areas in the front and around all sides of the house, with reshaped curves for easier mowing and curb appeal. Low maintenance shrubs and perennials were selected to thrive in their sun/shade conditions and provide interest throughout the year.


Front Landscape Renovation in Milwaukee, WI

The goal of this project was simple: remove all of the overgrowth and create an inviting low maintenance landscape. Over time, the plants that were installed when the house was built had become very overgrown and were taking over the front landscape. The trees had become so large that they were taller than the house and covered the entire front of the house. In addition, the roots were causing foundation problems. Once all of the growth had been removed, the brick of the building was revealed and the entrance became significantly more inviting. The front yard was then graded to create a pitch away from the front of the house to help with drainage. Then, a planting bed was created along the front of the house and covered with low maintenance stone. To complete the project, fresh topsoil, seed and erosion control were installed. This project took a total of two days to complete and the transformation is incredible!


Backyard Renovation Project in Brookfield, WI

This homeowner was looking to create a usable and more functional backyard that included more lawn, a stone fire pit, and some privacy. The large berm with overgrown trees, stone and plants was taking up the majority of the backyard creating an unusable space and a maintenance nightmare. Before anything could be created, the trees, stones, stumps and berm all had to be excavated and removed. After the removal was complete, the area was graded to create a flatter and much more usable lawn area. Then to give the space some privacy, a row of Arborvitaes was added along the back. To complete the space, an Outcropping stone wall was added with a custom built in stone fire pit. Landscape lights were then incorporated into and behind the wall to allow for enjoyment into the evening hours. The wall and fire pit are complete and ready to be enjoyed! A crushed granite patio area was created in front of the wall to complement the natural feel of the space. The homeowner now has a large functional backyard!


Tiered Retaining Walls Installation in Franklin, WI

This retaining wall had become and eye sore and had started to shift and settle. In addition, animals had started to dig in and around the walls making it even more of an issue. To solve the problem, the walls were removed and new walls and steps were added. This retaining wall was initially made of stone that was haphazardly put together without any thought to style, strength or longevity. All of the stone was removed and new buried downspout pipes were installed to divert more water out of the area. The locations of the walls were determined and the installation of the base of the walls began. Walls and steps have begun to take shape. A drain tile system is added behind each wall for added strength and longevity. The project is almost complete and the final caps and steps are being completed. As an additional touch, new plants and a brick walkway were added. In total, the project was completed in just 3 days.


Walkways and Sitting Area Installation in Muskego, WI

This courtyard project located in Muskego was originally an underutilized blank canvas that suffered from drainage problems. In addition, the area was full of overgrown plants and trees making it a high maintenance area. To make the space usable, all of the overgrown plants/trees had to be removed, then the drainage problem was corrected, hardscape was added and the area was finished with new plants. In heavy rains, the courtyard would flood and become a muddy mess. Also, the overgrown plants and plants needed constant maintenance. With all of the overgrown plants removed, the area is grading using a laser transit and grade stakes to ensure water drains out of the area properly. New low maintenance and colorful plants with seasonal interest are added throughout the area. Bed sizes and shapes are finalized out and the sitting area is mapped out in preparation for the pavers. Brick paver are installed to create a walkway leading from the building to the fountain. A new fountain was added to the courtyard after the pavers were completed. New sod was added around the courtyard and Mississippi stone mulch were added to the new planting beds to reduce maintenance. Low voltage LED landscape lights were added throughout the space for added evening enjoyment.


Patio and Water Feature Installation in New Berlin, WI

Having a high maintenance backyard can prove very challenging. This homeowner had a concrete patio that was surrounded by overgrown planting beds and a water feature that has constant problems. Everything had to be removed and start from scratch. The new outdoor living area included a new Unilock Brussels Block Brick patio, seat walls, fire pit, new pond with waterfalls and landscape lighting. The concrete patio had many cracks and the surrounding planting beds had become unmanageable. All features were removed and the area was prepared for a new larger brick patio. The area for the new water feature has been dug out and prepared. Unilock Brussels Block brick pavers have been installed along with a matching fire pit and seat walls. LED Landscape lights were incorporated into the new walls and surrounding the pond. The new pond has two separate waterfalls and is surrounded by new plants.


Elevated Brick Patio Renovation in Fox Point, WI

This patio project was a little bit different than most. The existing patio was elevated and surrounded by overgrown plants and beds. In addition, the wood timber steps and walls surrounding the patio were failing. In order to increase the size of the patio, everything had to be removed and redone. Overgrown plants made this small patio very uninviting. The current patio was too small and the steps were failing apart making the patio completely unusable. All of the wood timbers, overgrown plants, steps and concrete patio were removed. Retaining walls surrounding the patio have begun to be built up and the base for the new patio has begun. Unilock Olde Quarry stone units were selected for the retaining wall and a drain tile was installed behind the wall. The patio, walls and steps are now complete. In all, the project took a week and the customer now has a functional and inviting patio space.

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