This patio project was a little bit different than most. The existing patio was elevated and surrounded by overgrown plants and beds. In addition, the wood timber steps and walls surrounding the patio were failing. In order to increase the size of the patio, everything had to be removed and redone.

Overgrown plants made this small patio very uninviting.

The current patio was too small and the steps were failing apart making the patio completely unusable.

All of the wood timbers, overgrown plants, steps and concrete patio were removed. Retaining walls surrounding the patio have begun to be built up and the base for the new patio has begun.

Unilock Olde Quarry stone units were selected for the retaining wall and a drain tile was installed behind the wall.

The patio, walls and steps are now complete.

In all, the project took a week and the customer now has a functional and inviting patio space.