In this project, the deck was in need of repair and was too small. So, the deck was removed and a new Unilock Brussels Block patio with seat walls, LED Lighting and a fire pit was added.

The old deck has seen better days and needs to be removed. It was too small and did not have enough space to accommodate the homeowner’s needs.

The project begins by first removing the deck in sections without damaging the house. Plywood is laid out to allow for equipment and material access to the project site.

Once the deck has been removed, the project area is excavated and the patio base is prepared.

Steps are being installed to allow a smooth transition from the house to the new patio.

Finishing touches are added to the walls, borders and fire pit.

After two days the patio is complete.

To increase the usability of the patio, built in LED lights were added to the pillars.