EPDM Rubber Liner

An EPDM rubber liner can be added to a grading project for a dry basement and additional peace of mind. We cover the liner with decorative stone for low maintenance and a finished look.


Drain Tile (French Drains)

We install buried drain tile (French Drains) to address subsurface water in slow drying areas. Frequent uses: to help an active swale dry out faster, to address large/flat/soggy yard areas, and along the base of a slope to collect subsurface water and move it off your property.


Catch Basins with Buried Drainage Pipes

We install catch basins to move surface water out of problem areas through buried drainage pipes. Frequent uses: to improve drainage next to a patio or driveway, to help manage water in a high-volume swale, and in more challenging grading areas with limited available pitch.

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