Having a functional and beautiful outdoor living area was very important to this assisted living complex. Creating it would be a challenge due to the significant grading issues in the area as well as the overall size of the project. In the end, the space turned out excellent and the residents were immediately enjoying the space.

Poor drainage in the area led to pooling water, a muddy lawn and an unusable space.

The Arborvitaes that were planted were not thriving and turning into an eye sore. They were the first to be removed.

Walkways and a main sitting area were created where bare muddy lawn once was. The adjacent areas were properly graded for the first time and now water is moving out of the area.

Decorative inlays and free standing seat walls were added to enhance the entire space.

After all of the hardscaping was completed, final touches to the grading took place and fresh topsoil was added to prepare for the new sod. In addition, plants and stone mulch were added around some of the main features.

After completion, the space can now be enjoyed by residents, family and friends.

Plants and sod have taken in nicely and the space has been completely transformed.