Adding a new walkway can really enhance the curb appeal of a home. In this project, the new homeowner wanted to install a new walkway and to do something to improve the look of the stoop.

The existing concrete walkway was dated, had discoloration and many cracks throughout.

The stoop was structurally sound, but had been painted over many times and had become an eye sore.

To begin the project the old concrete walkway was removed and new base was installed. In addition, the stoop was prepared for brick overlay.

The stoop was wrapped on all sides and the brick pavers were spread out in preparation to lay the walkway.

Unilock Richcliff pavers with a Brussels Block border were used to complete the walkway.

The same pavers were then used to wrap all sides of the stoop to tie the walkway and stoop together. In total, this project took just one day to complete. The homeowner left for work in the morning and came home to a whole new front entrance!