Front walkways and entrances are very important for function and curb appeal. In this project, the original front walkway was made out of crushed stone and was proving a maintenance nightmare. Also, the front planting bed needed to be given an upgrade. New brick pavers and steps were installed and the planting bed was renovated with new low-maintenance plants with colorful seasonal interests.

The crushed stone walkway was very dangerous especially in the winter months and had begun to slowly disappear over the years. In addition, having the overgrown shrubs next to it made the walkway feel even smaller. Both areas had to get renovated and refreshed.

Once the old walkway was removed, new brick pavers and steps were created. The steps were spaced out to create equal large landings to make the walkway easier to navigate and shovel in the winter months.

The bed area between the house and the steps was completely renovated and prepared for new plants.

The planting bed was finished with new Daylilies, Boxwoods, Compact Burning Bushes and Hydrangeas. It was then finished off with new mulch.

The front of the home now has some curb appeal that is functional and beautiful.